I am just a regular working mother and wife that has totally lost her mind and hearth to PONs and Chihuahua’s. Before PONs, I have had canine experience breeds like spaniels and terriers but in PONs I found my calling that has been fulfilled with kennelname. The word "kennel" can hardly be used even in the same day when referring to us since we are just a small family in which dogs are our children: they sleep next to us in our bed, they watch tv in the couch next to us, they participate in our hobbies such as fishing and ice-fishing and snowmobiling etc.

Our little family lives currently in Estonia, but we still visit our ”homecountry” Finland very often. This all began with the most amazing PON in the whole wide world: Kingi (Flinkbein Srebro). He left us in summer 2015 at the respectable age of 14 years. He was the ultimate friend a human could possible find, and the reason I wanted to breed this awesome breed. At home we have at the moment 2 PONs: Milou (Flinkbein Zupelny Sukces) and Lani (Cynia Moscic), and 4 chihuahua's: Bööna (Helmiäisen Dressing Draquebien) who arrived at summer 2009 and in 2012 Bööna’s daughter Bimbo (Draque Bien Espiritu Elite) stayed home with us. 2013 also Käki (Helmiäisen Madeleine) moved to live with us and in 2014 her daughter Reila (Draque Bien Fenomenal Freya) stayed with us.

In addition to dogs living with us, there are PONs and chihuahuas are in their own co-ownership homes: PONs  Ilona (Wichura Draque Amara) in Viitasaari living with Inka, Annika, Elina and Pekka, Ofi (Ponadto Ofirka) with Jomi in Tampere, my first chihuahua, the spicy Stora Liten which is swedish and means "big small" (Kimberling's Tuure) with my sister Epe and her husband Olli in Jyväskylä and Bina (Chluba Calypso von der Musenburg) lives with Wilma and her dogs in Helsinki. On summer 2009 passed away beloved Ceder (Cedr Moscic) Lani's brother, who was living with Kata and Tatu. Then in summer 2011 we suddenly lost Lempi (DraqueBien Bubble de Bone) to heart-attack.

Polski Owczarek Nizinny breed I have been familiar with since 2001. Both me and my husband have been active members in the breed almost since the beginning and we both have also received honour medals for our efforts in promoting the breed PON; my husband bronze one and myself silver one. Repreresenting this breed in is a honorary task through which we have also received many new finnish and also foreign friends. The great supporter for me has been Kennel Flinkbein's Taija Tuohilampi; her help especially in the first years has been priceless. Also many other finnish PON-breeders and -devotees have become great friends and pillars for us, not to forget foreign kennels such as Moscic, Ponadto and Wichura. PON-people form a nice bunch into which also new members are warmly welcomed.

Chihuahua came into our lives actually ”accidentally”. The owners of Cedr had a chihuahua who fitted very nicely into the PON-gang, and so one day we decided to get one of these little love-packages as well. And a package we got all right in the form of firstly Tuure and later on Bööna. Tuure was not even supposed to be a show dog and yet we have spend some marvelous moments with him in shows as well. After watching chihuahua’s in the ring show after another, we got the bite for good. Tuure’s breeder Leeni Laatikainen (Kimberling’s Kennel) and Bööna’s and Maggie’s breeder Merja Kahelin (Helmiäisen Kennel) have been remarkable help for me while getting to know this breed, from them I have received so much information about this breed. In autumn 2011 our first chihuahua-litter was born.

The objectives in my breeding derive from seeking to maintain healthy and standard-like dogs that have good characters suitable for home dogs’. In PONs, the genetic pole is also very important and therefore I have imported dogs to Finland from as different lines as possible: dogs that could be combined with many finnish dogs, not just our own ones.

Don't hesitate to contact me and ask more about the breeds, I am happy to share my experiences and knowledge!

Tintti Drake